Globally Sourced Premium Mineral Sands

Centrally Located in Southern California


Leading Distributor Of Minerals For Multiple Industries

Water Filtration - Well Packing - Waterjet Cutting -

Sandblast - Foundry - Aquarium Substrate -

Decorative Landscape Rock - Children's Play Sand


ANSI/NSF-61-2012 & AWWA Compliant Sand and Gravels

#1/8 x 1/16, #1/4 x 1/8, #3/4, #3/8, #5/8.35-.45mm, .45-.55mm Other sizes also available

Sub-Angular shape enhances filtration properties in multi-media under bedding

Hardness of 6-8 Mohs Scale and <5% acid solubility (AWWAB100)

Washed and Sieved to Exacting Specifications. 100lbs per 1 cubic foot

NSF (National Sanitary Foundation) Certified & Compliant Coarse, Medium and Fine Grade Garnets for Water Filtration

#5, #8/12, #30/40, #50, #60

Garnet is a highly dense granular mineral. Garnet's hardness, chemical, and durability properties make it a superior filter and abrasive media

High hardness on the Mohs scale reduces attrition and provides years of reliability, while achieving higher flow rates and better filtration in multi-media bedding